The Story of This Website

The Baby Quest is my attempt to give you accurate information and encouragement. Infertility is incredibly difficult to deal with. The emotional and physiological components of seeking and undergoing a treatment can be enormous. I know because I’ve been through every step of the process. It started with recognizing the fact that we have problem. Next, we had to do a countless number of tests. Finally, we did our first IVF treatment. Unfortunately, the outcome wasn’t a positive one. Right now, I’m taking a break to strengthen my body and mind before IVF attempt number 2.

I’m a professional writer and ever since the beginning of our infertility journey, I wanted to start a website about it. Writing has a therapeutic effect and I enjoy it immensely. In addition, I wanted to share my story. Hopefully, it can help someone that’s currently going through the nightmare of discovering an infertility solution.

I’ll do my best to post regularly about tips for overcoming infertility, what to expect during an IVF treatment and whether alternatives exist. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you’d like to learn about a particular topic or if you have a question. I’ll be more than happy to share my experience with you and help you in finding the right solution.